Landlord Representation

Tom Suzzoi, Nassau County Executive and member of House of Representatives, and myself.

The dynamic nature of the commercial real estate market and the broader economy necessitates that you take precautionary steps to ensure that your position is well represented in all your commercial real estate negotiations. You can avoid high vacancy rates, excessive turnover, and financial losses in the event of a dramatic prevailing lease rate change or disproportionate releasing costs due to insufficient demand and weak negotiations. My comprehensive and cohesive strategies will enhance the time-value of your investments in Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk.

MHM Realty’s well established 30 year relationships with the major landlords in Nassau and Suffolk counties gives our customers certain advantages that no other commercial real estate agency can offer. It’s a combination of past experiences, how the landlord operates, and closed deals that gives us a strategically advantageous position in the Long Island market. It is these power relations throughout the Long Island Business community, as an active member of Commercial Industrial Brokers Society, that keeps MHM one step ahead of the competition. The database at MHM realty is constantly tracking office/industrial/retail specialty sales and lease transactions. Combining this information with your requirements and criteria gives us a true image of your strategic direction in determining the best leasing rate and terms.


Dealing with tenants requires a degree of finesse to get you the best deal and to ensure that your relationship with your tenants is productive. When it comes time for re-leasing, you’ll have a much easier time persuading them to accept terms favorable to your position if you’ve maintained a quality relationship over the term of the lease; I take pride in representing you and handling these tasks for you. I have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial real estate. After 34 years of experience, and a fair amount of trial and error, I know how to deal with nearly any type of tenant and any situation that comes up at initial lease negotiation, during the term of the lease, and at re-leasing. In the event that a dispute should arise during any of these phases of the leasing process, I will immediately address and rectify the matter in a professional, fair, and ethical manner. I got you covered!

  • Rock solid lease agreements that protect your financial interests.
  • Minimal re-leasing cost through tough negotiations with tenants.
  • Retain tenants longer by forming mutually beneficial agreements and tenant relations management.
  • Protect your cash-flow with specific lease terms that adjust with prevailing economic trends.
  • Integrated property management services for continuous long-term support.
  • Stronger negotiating position by stimulating demand through industry connections and extensive, highly-targeted marketing strategies.

Call me today at (516) 597-5098 to work together to improve your position in negotiations and relations with current and prospective tenants in Long Island.

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