What We Offer

Welcome to MHM. Prepare to be served in a way that you may not be accustomed to. You can expect a broad range of commercial real estate services that will improve the bottom-line of your business and simplify your professional life. Below you’ll find a brief description of the services I offer and how they can benefit your business. You can also find a separate page in the menu for each of the valuable ways in which I can serve you in Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk.

As a Licensed Corporate Broker in the State of New York since 1984, and a dedicated commercial real estate professional for 33 years, I can offer you more experience, convenience, efficiency, and value. You’ll find that I understand how real estate plays a critical and central role in the success of every business. The terms that you agree to as part of your Lease or Purchase Agreement will have long-lasting financial and operational ramifications that will have a direct impact on your survival in the marketplace. Each business is unique and deserves a specialized real estate plan that is tailored to and supports your strategic goals.

Brokerage Services

Your property will sell with the shortest time on market, at the best price and terms. I offer painless transactions through my optimized listing and marketing process. Your funds, data, and personal/corporate identity are secured by fiduciary confidentiality (loyalty to you and commitment to your privacy and protection of trade knowledge), protected data storage, and authenticated digital signatures.

Landlord Representation

Vacancy rates, high turnover, and lease rate appreciation necessitates an effective and binding agreement that protects your interests and ensures that you receive the maximum financial benefit from your commercial real estate holdings over time. The Time-Value of your investment is optimized when your lease agreement anticipates inflation and increases in economic indices as the economy expands and contracts.

Tenant Representation

When it’s time to select the most profitable and productive location for your business in Long Island, we will work together to get you the lowest rent, most suitable and durable structure, and the best lease concessions. I’m here to represent you in all your negotiations with building owners and their representatives. Commercial leases are complex documents that require diligent review and negotiation. Protect yourself when the economy shifts and lease rates rise.

Property Management

Your properties are precious. It’s taken years and so much work, that it’s difficult to convey to people (who are not in the business) the personal cost of your accomplishments. At a certain point in the development of your commercial real estate business, it becomes prudent (and sanity preserving) to delegate the responsibilities to professionals that shift the workload from yourself and your staff to experts that can handle collections, hassle-tenant evictions, deferred maintenance, leasing staff hiring and management, and every detail encompassed in improving your net profit, ROI, IRR, and minimizing operational expenses.

Call me now at (516) 597-5098 to work together to create the most profitable commercial real estate plan for your Long Island business.

Bobby standing in front of decade-long vacant office building previously used for back office processing by ADP. The structure was converted to temporary storage to offset maintenance and tax expenses during repurposing. Bobby represented Rubie’s Costume Company in this innovative commercial real estate project. Call Bobby to see how creative development can increase the cash-flow from your existing portfolio.

Photo by Judy Walker


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