Tenant Representation

Your choice of location and building needs to consider a myriad of critical factors ranging from lease rates, probable concessions, traffic levels, solar orientation, ingress and egress, setback, functional utility, demand, economic efficiency, economy of scale, and the direction of the Long Island real estate market and your industry.

When you’re ready to consider moving to a new location or to look for the ideal space for your first commercial lease, MHM will fight for you in obtaining the most profitable and productive location and agreement for your business. Your advantageous new lease will assure you the lowest lease rate, stellar concessions, and a building that will support your success. I offer exclusive representation that will give you the edge in negotiating a lease that favors your interests.

An example of my experience is the lease negotiation of Kimco Realty’s headquarters in New Hyde Park, New York. Kimco is a nationwide real estate investment trust (REIT) that holds more than 86 million square feet of open-air shopping centers, the largest holder of properties of this class in North America. I personally represented Milton Cooper, well-known Kimco CEO, in obtaining a favorable lease on 20,000 square feet of prime office space, with an exceptionally low lease rate and well-structured terms to minimize economic risk.

Lease Renewals:

MHM will conduct a complete site search of all Long Island properties that meet your requirements as a tenant. We invest time in thorough research of the local, regional, and national markets that have the best potential to serve the needs of your company and target market. Choice of location plays an important role in your branding and market position. Your decision when signing a long-term, potentially risky lease, needs to be informed by market research that will equip you to maintain control of your operations and financial outlay. My tenant representation strategies are based on thousands of hours of personal experience in working with expanding businesses and their potential landlords. Studious and open examination of the microcosm of each designated area (good location/market identified by research) establishes a competitive atmosphere with your current landlord to force him to discount the renewal rate and incentivize your lease with included no-cost, build-to-suit tenant improvements.

Medical Requirements:

My experience in the leasing and sale of medical properties in Nassau and Suffolk is extensive; my approach addresses all your concerns as the operator of a medical practice: location, parking, tenant build-out, waiting room capacity, existing or offered specialized plumbing/electrical/mechanical trade fixtures and improvements, flow of space, term, options, as well as specific requirements for each unique practice. In every case, medical clients with my representation have experienced successful and stress-free transactions that have translated reliably into amplified profits and diminished operating costs. Location is critical and not all medical buildings will support your strategic goals in expanding your Long Island practice.

Call me today at (516) 597-5098. I’m here to assist you in obtaining the location and lease that will ensure your long-term business success in Long Island.

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