Property Management

Your portfolio deserves special attention. It’s taken daily care and action to see that your properties are producing income at the CAP rate you expect. The long-term value and appreciation of your property is dependent on acquiring reliable tenants and improving cash flow. Now’s the time to let us handle the work for you, while you take your real estate investment business to the next level in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Your time is much more valuable when dedicated to the activities that help grow your business, rather than those involved in front-line and middle-management tasks.

I offer property management as an integrated part of my comprehensive commercial real estate services. We can handle all your needs involved in the acquisition and management of your portfolio in Long Island. This integration simplifies the growth and management of your business. From a cash flow and efficiency perspective, it makes sense to transfer property management tasks to an expert commercial real estate firm. This step will lower your overhead, free your staff to focus on new projects, and simplify your operations.

MHM can improve the financial performance of any commercial real estate holding in Long Island. I have the experience to know what strategies will provide you with the highest operating margins. Your property’s value will increase at an above-rate degree of appreciation due to involved management of tenants, cash flow optimization, and enhanced appeal through improvements to physical condition. Preserve a positive cash flow by ensuring that capital expenditures are kept in check through foresight and conscientious budgeting.

This is my long-term friend Scott Reckler, CEO of RXR Realty, and myself at a recent event. Scott is the operator of one the most successful REIT’S in the country and Long Island’s/NYC largest developers

      Tenant recommendations from previously closed deals have widened my tenant base, enhancing my tenant relations and connections. As a result of this network, I can secure you quality tenants in far less time than through conventional marketing channels. Your tenants will derive the maximum utility from your property and will be willing to pay the highest rate due to the unique benefits and features that your property offers.

  • Minimal vacancy rates through consistent and effective marketing.
  • Most profitable terms and rates on your tenant’s leases.
  • Enhanced ROI, IRR, and CAP rate via expense auditing, reduction, and the implementation of auxiliary onsite revenue sources.
  • Achieve lower than typical fixed and variable costs by meticulous budgeting and oversight of cash flow expenditures.
  • You won’t need to deal with problem-tenants, frustrating collections, tenant screening, or tedious negotiations.
  • Property management strategy formulation to maximize cash flow, regardless of current usage or occupancy.
  • Highest and best use analysis to ensure maximum cash flow from your existing holdings.

Call me now at (516) 597-5098 to learn more about effective strategies for increasing the cash-flow from your properties in Long Island, Nassau, and Suffolk.

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